November 4, 2019

Titles – How should you title your post?

Titling. It matters. Wherever you’re contructing your site, you are going to have to insert titling at some point. Dont freak out, but its quite important to ensure the titles you select send the right messeage.

There are 3 main spots that your want to work in unison when you’re placing the heading on a post.

  1. The Page Title
  2. The H1 Title
  3. The URL

Firstly, the Title Tag. (What we see in blue on the Google results page). You want it to have your focus keyphrase or keyword in it. And you want the word/phrase to be near the front. This is the both the first impression people get of the post, and when Google is weighing up the billions of pages, and possibly hundreds or thousands with the same focus keyphrase, it seems to prefer those with it front and centre rather than toward the end of the string.

The H1 title. There can be only 1 H1 title per page. Like the title of a book, theres only 1. Many chapters (H2) many paragraphs (H3) etc, but only one H1. And you want to make sure that the phrase you’ve selected for the general theme of the page, and in your Title Tag, to be in the H1 Title also.

The URL. Have a look at the URL of this page. The focus keyphrase is in there, it reflects the Title of the post and also the H1 Tag. Make sure you edit your URL to reflect your topic. It can be tempting to give your post a cool title, and thats fine, just change the URL to have a clear topic inside.

Thats it, 3 simple things you can do at the Titling stage of your website construction to ensure search engines can see you’re complying with their indexing requirements!

P.S Meta descriptions, which we’ll talk more about in a separate post, dont actually count here, they are separate to your titling, but work hand in hand to display your sites first impression to the user.

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