They're searching...

get found.

An awesome website means nothing if it doesn't show up when searched.

See how your website is really doing...

Finally Rid Your Business of Low Google Rankings

Are your Google rankings hurting your bottom line? 

Is your site optimised for Google at all?

Do you know what keywords you rank for?

Do you know what your missed customers are typing into Google?

Do you know how many customers you're missing out on?

Are you even competitive online?

Is your competition is running circles around you and taking all your business?


SEO is mandatory in todays online business world.

Abundance is here to put you in control of your presence online.

Optimise your business

We'll optimise for search

Optimise for Google and you'll get:

More Traffic

Play by Google's rules = Higher scores

Higher scores = Higher rankings

Higher rankings = Higher traffic.

A better functioning website

As a by-product of playing by the Google guidelines, you'll have a faster, cleaner, easier to understand website. 

Happier Customers

Today's customer is spoilt for choice, and low on time. Being there on the front page, exactly where they want you, ready to give them what they are searching for, makes them happy. And what does a happy customer often do? Comes back.

Less gremlins

Nothing turns a customer, or Google for that matter, off faster than error pages and uneccesary glitches in a web browser. Clean out your closet and get things running smoothly again.

Mobile sales

When you optimise for mobile, you not only give Google the green light to rank you higher, but you give yourself a chance at the 40% of sales that occur on phones. To not optimise for mobile in 2019 is plain stupid.

Local search magnetism

Businesses with a bricks and mortar presence are crazy not to optimise for local SEO.

Google loves telling people exactly how to get to where they want to go. If you aren't optimised for local search, how are they going to find you?

Search Engine Optimisation won't happen overnight

that's just how it is

Like anything worth doing...

it takes work

it takes time

and is process driven.

Optimise now.

Search Engine Optimisation is being prioritised everywhere, by everyone

But it takes time.

Which is why starting ASAP is important to start seeing results ASAP.

Search engines arent sitting waiting for you to make changes to your site.

They've got alot of fish to fry.

What you'll get with your SEO audit

You'll receive a slide deck absolutely free (no strings) which will include:

  • our technical SEO findings (i.e the errors which are hurting your rankings), 
  • the keywords you rank for (how people might currently get to you)
  • the backlinks you currently have
  • analysis of your competitors and the keywords they rank for
  • and the backlinks they have
  • and recommendations of how you can beat them to those rankings.
  • and finally recommendations for what you should fix ASAP

We want you to understand exactly where your business website is at 

We want you to know how competitive you are

We want you to know who your competition is

We want you to know what they're doing

We want you understand how we would go about fixing your site if we were you.

Engagement is inevitable, people arent going to stop searching any time soon.

One day they'll need what you have, and look for it.

Make sure your're ready when they do