November 11, 2019

DIY SEO – Topic Coverage When Writing Articles

I don’t want anyone to think I’m prepping for the rise of the machines… But.. This is another post in which I really want to stress the importance of covering a topic comprehensively when trying to rank for keywords of the topic.

This DOES have to do with AI. But probably moreso ‘big data’.

Being the worlds most used and most trusted search engine, doesnt just afford you the greatest advertising vector on the planet. It gives you the greatest insight into, well, anything you want to know about humans.

Google does know all. And we’re not just talking about facts.

Every string that is ever entered, by every individual (or device) finds its place in Google’s ‘big data’ warehouse (I put that in quotes so you didnt think I actually mean a massive warehouse 🙂 )

And so you can imagine having all that data, of course, hiring the best minds (money can buy) and the best computers (in the West) to crunch it all, eventually gives you some very powerful insights.

One of these being, and the topic of this post, a laziness detector (of sorts).

If you know the extent of a topic, you know every single variation and cluster of keywords, you know what people want to know, you know what websites are delivering, you can instantly compare a piece of content with the gold standard – the real ‘Ultimate Guide’ (Google’s big data bank) and say whether the author has covered it in depth or not.

Now Im not saying that in order to get on page 1, you need to write a thesis on ‘brown leather shoes’ in order to rank for it. No, no, no. I am saying that if other people have covered ‘brown leather shoes’ in greater length, with more words, more value, and deeper and more varied aspects of that topic, then they will definately score more points in this facet of the game.

Because remember, there are hundreds of rank factors. Winning at one doesnt guarantee you page one. You have to do your best across the ones that give you bang for your buck.

Focus on your weaknesses, but dont ignore your strengths.

Good luck with your content everyone. Dont be lazy, write better.

Cheers, Will

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